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Spectrum offers a full line of window films to meet your specific cosmetic requirements, from darker traditional films for maximum glare reduction and privacy to virtually clear films for unobstructed views. All providing film and window warranties from the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

Excellent product and installation. No mess to clean up.

- Garland Thorton


Tired of those high electric bills? Looking to protect your home furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun? Are you compromising your view and visibility due to excessive glare? Our residential window tint can bring energy efficiency, comfort and protection to your home…


A professional evaluation of your current glass, age, and window frame condition can reveal all the options available for window improvements...


Can your building be more energy efficient? Are your tenants sacrificing comfort due to heat and glare? Does your building need a facelift? Pursuing LEED certification? Looking for a solid ROI? An energy demand analysis and Solar Control Glass Coating can be your answer…


Looking for privacy for your home or office? Want to enhance your space with a customized logo or design? Need a cost-effective alternative to etched glass? Enjoy unlimited privacy and design possibilities with decorative window films, allowing you to bring vibrant color, visual effects, textured feel, and graphic patterns to nearly any glass surface…


Protect your countertops and other stone areas of your home with our new film product. Prevent fading, stains, scratches, and much more. Add a layer of protection between you and your stone counters. Give our team a call today and learn why stone protection film is the perfect choice for you.

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