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Spectrum offers Insulated Glass Replacement at a fraction of the cost of full window replacement.

Do you have foggy windows?  Was your home built before 2003?


Foggy Windows
This common occurrence is called Seal Failure and occurs on all Dual Pane (Insulated Glass Units) over time. The breakdown of the seal allows for moisture build up and will only get worse over time. This becomes not only a cosmetic issue but an efficiency issue with your glass.

Home built before 2003
The building codes changed at this time requiring a minimum builder grade low-e window versus the predominant clear windows installed prior to the code change.
While clear dual pane windows do provide some insulating value, they do not perform at the levels available for summer heat rejection and winter insulating value now available.


While whole window replacement is an option, If your windows are operable, there are more cost effective ways to improve your windows performance and cosmetics:

  • Replace the glass not the window

  • Upgrade your glass performance with the latest low-e technology


As you evaluate your options for window improvement, I would encourage you to explore all the options at your disposal. Don’t fall for the high pressure, close the deal tactics you have heard about or experienced from the whole window replacement sales guys.


A professional evaluation of your current glass, age, and window frame condition can reveal all the options available for window improvements. These options, combined with the expected length of time you plan to spend in your home may result in a more appropriate lower cost solution.


Contact a consultant not a sales person. A Spectrum Window Improvement Professional can provide you a no cost/ no obligation assessment of your windows.

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