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Spectrum offers a full line of window films to meet your specific cosmetic requirements, from darker traditional films for maximum glare reduction and privacy to virtually clear films for unobstructed views. All providing film and window warranties from the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

Energy efficient window film and tinting can remove up to 79% of the heat coming through the glass and reduce unwanted glare, as well as drastically reduce the fading of your furniture, drapes, artwork and flooring by blocking 99.9% of damaging UV rays. But most importantly, it will lower your electric bill!


Energy efficient window film will:

  • Protect the interior of the home

  • Reduce electric bills

  • Improve comfort and safety

  • Add privacy

  • Enhance the exterior of the home

  • Preserve and enhance your views


In addition, energy efficient window film is one of the most effective and economical methods of controlling energy loss and increasing indoor comfort.

Don’t waste another dollar! Call us today to begin the installation of energy efficient window film at your home!

Product Specifications

Dual Reflective and Spectrally Select

Spectrum offers a unique collection of window films with superior heat rejection, UV protection and  low reflectivity, with a warranty from  the world’s most respected companies. Dual reflective films provide for reduced interior reflection found with  traditional films providing enhanced nighttime vision.  Spectrally Select films mark a further departure from traditional window films because they are more transparent and not dark or shiny, thus they do not change the interior or exterior appearance of your home. Whatever your goals,  Spectrum can align those with the right film to achieve those goals. See below the line-up of films from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.


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