It is a fact that the windows in your home play a key role in energy cost, protecting your furnishings, cosmetics and overall home value. As you evaluate your windows and need for improvements you should consider the following:

– Your Windows are Foggy due to seal breakdown and resulting condensation that occurs. Not only is this a cosmetic issue but a performance issue as well.

– Your windows were built before 2003. The building codes changed at this time requiring a minimum builder grade low-e window versus the predominant clear windows installed prior to the code change.
While clear dual pane windows do provide some insulating value, they do not perform at the levels available for heat rejection and winter insulating value now available.

– Your windows have those annoying bars between the glass limiting your view. The styles have changed from the days of simulated French panes throughout the house. Some are still prevalent on the front of the home, however most have no bars in the rest of the home

– Your windows are not protecting your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays. Most builder grade windows provide little to no UV rejection. This includes the builder grade low-e windows mandated in 2003.

While whole window replacement is an option, If your windows are operable, there are more cost effective ways to improve your windows performance and cosmetics:

-Replace the glass not the window
– Upgrade your glass performance with the latest low-e technology
-Let the light in and reduce the heat and protect your furnishings with latest innovation in solar control window films.

As you evaluate your options for window improvement, I would encourage you to explore all the options at your disposal. Don’t fall for the high pressure, close the deal tactics you have heard about or experienced from the whole window replacement sales guys. A professional evaluation of your current glass, age, and window frame condition can reveal all the options available for window improvements. These options, combined with the expected length of time you plan to spend in your home may result in a more appropriate lower cost solution. Contact a consultant not a sales person. A Spectrum Window Improvement Professional can provide you a no cost/ no obligation assessment of your windows.