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Solar Control Glass Coatings – Maintenance / Warranty

Maintenance After installation, you can clean your windows using any common commercial window cleaning fluid, or with vinegar and water, or soap and water. Avoid abrasive materials, and cheap paper towels (which tend to be abrasive).

  • Post-Installation Cleaning Instructions Do not clean your windows within 30 days of the installation. Waiting at least 30 days helps secure the adhesive’s curing process.
  • Cleaning Solutions Most all standard cleaning solutions can be used. However the most  effective and economical cleaning solution for window film is 1/2 ounce of liquid dish soap added to 1 quart of fresh water.
  • Cleaning Materials A clean, soft cloth or a clean, synthetic sponge is recommended for washing the window film, followed by another clean, soft cloth or appropriate rubber squeegee for drying. Never use abrasive materials to clean your film. Do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges, cheap paper towels, or any other cleaning materials that could scratch the film. Some brands of paper towels are coarse enough to put fine scratches into the film. While these scratches might be too thin to see initially, over time they can damage the polished look of the film. Always use clean, soft, gentle materials to wash and dry your window film.

3M’s Warranty

With the commercial application of 3M Sun Control Window Film or 3M Safety and Security Window Film, 3M provides a:

____ 3 year limited warranty (Exterior films)

____5 year limited warranty (Low E films and Fasara Films)

____10 year limited warranty (Neutral, Silver, Amber, Nickel, Affinity and Clear Safety Films)

____12 year limited warranty (Night Vision Films)

____15 year limited warranty (Prestige Series Films)

This limited warranty is to the original purchaser and is not transferable and runs from the date of the installation.  3M Window Films will:

Maintain Solar Reflective Properties without cracking, crazing, or peeling
Maintain Adhesion Properties without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass
Maintain Appearance without discoloration

In the event the product is found to not conform to this warranty, 3M and the Seller will:
• Replace the Quantity of Film proved to be defective
• Provide Removal and Reapplication Labor Free of Charge

3M also warrants against glass failure due to thermal shock fracture, (maximum value of $500 per window) caused only as a direct result of the application of 3M Window Film provided the film is applied to recommended types of glass and the glass failure is reported to the Seller within the specified time (listed below) from the start of the installation.

• Sixty (60) months coverage against thermal shock fracture

There is a consumer deductible of $25.00 (or 5% of the replacement cost, whichever is greatest) per claim.