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Need Window Improvements?
Do you have sticker shock with the price of replacing the whole Window?

Your Windows are Foggy
Your windows are hot in the summer and cold in the winter
Your windows have those annoying bars between the glass limiting your view
Your windows are not protecting your furniture from harmful UV rays
Your windows are operable

We can help! There are more cost effective ways to improve your windows versus whole window replacement!
Replace the glass not the window
Upgrade your glass performance with the latest low-e technology
Let the light in and reduce the heat and protect your furnishings with latest innovation in solar control window films
Get the real story about your options!
Spectrum Residential Window Improvement Specialists have the solutions to fit your budget.

Energy efficient window film and tinting can remove up to 79% of the heat coming through the glass and reduce unwanted glare, as well as drastically reduce the fading of your furniture, drapes, artwork and flooring by blocking 99.9% of damaging UV rays. But most importantly, it will lower your electric bill!

Energy efficient window film will:

  • Protect the interior of the home
  • Reduce electric bills
  • Improve comfort and safety
  • Add privacy
  • Enhance the exterior of the home
  • Preserve and enhance your views


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Window Glass Replacement
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