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Commercial Windows Tint & Film

At Spectrum Glass Coatings, we can reduce energy cost, glare and protect interiors from retail storefronts to multi-tenant high rises.

Retail Store fronts with East, South and West exposures can benefit from an installation of Solar Control window film. From virtually clear film to maximize visibility into the store while eliminating harmful UV rays and protect merchandise and reduce heat, to darker films to maximize heat reduction and reduce unwanted glare.All Smiles McKinney Llumar N1040

Multi-tenant High Rises

  • Energy Demand Analysis
    We conduct energy demand analysis to assess the specifics of your building and the related potential for energy savings of an application of Solar Control Glass Coatings.
  • Solar Control Glass Coatings
    Application of our Solar Control Glass Coatings will limit solar heat gain thru windows and reduce:

    • Kilowatt-hour energy usage needed to operate A/C
    • Load on A/C system
    • Building summer peak KW demand
    • Up To 15% Annual Energy Savings

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