Home Security Film

The windows in your Home should be considered when assessing safety and security. Your glass type, frame construction and level of safety/security should all be taken into consideration when evaluating the installation of Security Film. It is critically important that your expectations and the entire window system be evaluated for an effective result.

The different levels of protection include:
1. Storm related to hold glass together in the event of glass fragmentation

2. Forced Entry to hold glass together as well as secure glass in frame*.
*It is important to note that level 2 results are only as strong as the existing frame construction.

Level 1 can be achieved with the application of an 8mil or greater safety film.

Level 2 is achieved by introducing a frame, film and glass attachment system to each pane of glass.

It is all about your protection level expectation when it comes to a final approach.

Attachment System Overview:
For a wet seal attachment on residential window frames, from a cosmetic and window operability standpoint, the most effective way to accomplish is to expose the glass and frame by pulling the stops and applying the Wet Seal where the glass and the frame intersect. In some cases this can be accomplished on site- when the stops are on the inside. However, when they are on the outside, we have encountered two issues- glass may break when we are taking out to get film applied and/or a sub-standard film install due to excessive dirt particles while handling the glass. Our approach for all areas where we install an attachment system in which the stops are on the outside – would be to order a glass replacement. This glass replacement would be filmed in our shop, and installed in your window frame with attachment as described above.

My recommendations for when considering safety or security film for your home are as follows:
– Confirm your expectations- this will determine film type and attachment system
Hire a professional safety/security film installer that can fully assess your window system and recommend a solution that meets your expectation!


The latest in window film innovation has been introduced by Performance Films, the manufacturer of Llumar and Vista window films. This film may not be for all, however residential and commercial opportunities are significant especially for those with single pane glass and are considering a more cost effective alternative to window replacement.

The EnerLogic™ features a patent-pending, low-E coating.  EnerLogic window film adds up to 92-percent more insulating power to existing commercial and residential windows. EnerLogic window film has excellent insulating performance compared to other window films available. In summer, heat from the sun is reflected away from windows, easing the stress on air-conditioning. In winter, radiant heat from heating systems is directed back into the room, reducing energy use and improving comfort.

Features of the new product include the following:

Energy Efficiency – The patent-pending technology of EnerLogic window film effectively transforms the insulating power of single-pane windows into double-pane; and double-pane windows into triple-pane. The result is a significant increase in window efficiency at a fraction of window replacement cost.

Quick Payback – Windows typically account for 15 – 30 percent of a commercial building’s heating costs, and frequently more than 30 percent of cooling costs. EnerLogic window film is a low-cost, high-return technology that compares favorably to other energy-saving measures both in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. In fact, EnerLogic is said to outperform most alternatives in terms of simple payback – averaging just 2.75 years.


About Window Film

Solar control window film provides a micro-thin protective sheath that bonds to the inside of the window with a clear and distortion free adhesive system. The window film allows glare controlled sunlight to pass through your windows while screening out heat and damaging Ultra-violet rays. Helps keep room heat and air-conditioning from escaping through windows, eliminating hot and cold spots in the home.