It is a fact that the windows in your home play a key role in energy cost, protecting your furnishings, cosmetics and overall home value. As you evaluate your windows and need for improvements you should consider the following:

– Your Windows are Foggy due to seal breakdown and resulting condensation that occurs. Not only is this a cosmetic issue but a performance issue as well.

– Your windows were built before 2003. The building codes changed at this time requiring a minimum builder grade low-e window versus the predominant clear windows installed prior to the code change.
While clear dual pane windows do provide some insulating value, they do not perform at the levels available for heat rejection and winter insulating value now available.

– Your windows have those annoying bars between the glass limiting your view. The styles have changed from the days of simulated French panes throughout the house. Some are still prevalent on the front of the home, however most have no bars in the rest of the home

– Your windows are not protecting your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays. Most builder grade windows provide little to no UV rejection. This includes the builder grade low-e windows mandated in 2003.

While whole window replacement is an option, If your windows are operable, there are more cost effective ways to improve your windows performance and cosmetics:

-Replace the glass not the window
– Upgrade your glass performance with the latest low-e technology
-Let the light in and reduce the heat and protect your furnishings with latest innovation in solar control window films.

As you evaluate your options for window improvement, I would encourage you to explore all the options at your disposal. Don’t fall for the high pressure, close the deal tactics you have heard about or experienced from the whole window replacement sales guys. A professional evaluation of your current glass, age, and window frame condition can reveal all the options available for window improvements. These options, combined with the expected length of time you plan to spend in your home may result in a more appropriate lower cost solution. Contact a consultant not a sales person. A Spectrum Window Improvement Professional can provide you a no cost/ no obligation assessment of your windows.

Spring Forward Your Energy Savings With Home Window Tinting

The  Texas Spring is over and the summer heat is upon us! In addition to that AC tune-up the installation of solar control window tint can be your best return on investment. Reduce the run-time of your AC Unit, extend its life, all while keeping blinds open and preserving your views.

  • Home window tint can stop more than 80% of solar energy coming through windows! This can mean up to a 33% reduction in cooling costs, while making your home more  comfortable.
  • Home Window tint delivers up to seven times the energy savings per dollar spent, as compared to installing replacement windows.
  •  Home Window tint blocks UV and heat rays, while letting visible light in- Protect décor, artwork, antiques, rugs, drapery, flooring and furnishings. Keep your skin healthy and protected.

Today’s home window tint offer energy savings and UV Protection while maximizing Visible Light Transmission. From virtually clear to shades of grey or brown.

Instead of having to replace structurally sound windows, a simple, yet cost-effective solution is to apply a thin layer of window film that will help regulate the temperatures within the home, minimize cooling costs and help make the environment more comfortable.

Window tint is rated by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council), so homeowners and can be sure of the benefits.

Improve the Curb Appeal & Energy Efficiency of Homes

“Many consumers are looking for ways to improve the curb appeal and efficiency of their homes,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association. “Window film is a long-term and cost-effective solution for home improvement. It can reduce energy consumption by reducing solar heat gain, reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint and allow you to enjoy natural light without the negative impact of harsh glare and UV exposure,” he added.

Window tint is a thin sheet of window coating, professionally and permanently installed, to deliver a range of high-value benefits to a smart homeowner. Introduced almost 30 years ago, window film now has been engineered using today’s advanced technology to deliver energy savings similar to low-e windows, yet at a fraction of what replacement windows cost. For single-family homes, window film installation costs can range from $85.00 to $150.00 per typical window, depending on the type of window film installed, and the process can be completed in one day.

Window tint is a good choice when you want to enhance windows that are still functional but not up to contemporary standards. Rather than investing the energy and materials to make and deliver a new window, you can prolong the life of your existing windows by incorporating window film, thereby saving money while being environmentally conscious.

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In our continung effort to expand our window improvement services we are excited to announce our ability to provide Insulated glass and full window replacement services to our residential customers.  As a result of our membership with Window Service Resources, Inc.  we are afforded access to certified insulated glass replacement and full vinyl window replacement professionals.

In our 20+ years in business, we have encountered several instances in which the homeowner needed to replace their “foggy windows” prior to our installation of window film. This required multiple contractors and multiple appointments to accomplish. Now with one phone call  both services can be accomplished with the installation of a new insulated glass with the film already applied!
The ultimate in one stop shopping and installation!

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The latest in window film innovation has been introduced by Performance Films, the manufacturer of Llumar and Vista window films. This film may not be for all, however residential and commercial opportunities are significant especially for those with single pane glass and are considering a more cost effective alternative to window replacement.

The EnerLogic™ features a patent-pending, low-E coating.  EnerLogic window film adds up to 92-percent more insulating power to existing commercial and residential windows. EnerLogic window film has excellent insulating performance compared to other window films available. In summer, heat from the sun is reflected away from windows, easing the stress on air-conditioning. In winter, radiant heat from heating systems is directed back into the room, reducing energy use and improving comfort.

Features of the new product include the following:

Energy Efficiency – The patent-pending technology of EnerLogic window film effectively transforms the insulating power of single-pane windows into double-pane; and double-pane windows into triple-pane. The result is a significant increase in window efficiency at a fraction of window replacement cost.

Quick Payback – Windows typically account for 15 – 30 percent of a commercial building’s heating costs, and frequently more than 30 percent of cooling costs. EnerLogic window film is a low-cost, high-return technology that compares favorably to other energy-saving measures both in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. In fact, EnerLogic is said to outperform most alternatives in terms of simple payback – averaging just 2.75 years.