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SPECTRUM, an ExtraOrdinary customer experience.
Building our business one referral at a time.


  • going beyond what is usual, regular or customary
  • highly exceptional, remarkable



  • Dollar driven, more the better, close the deal
  • Price based on geography, income, inventory


  • When we can get there, nearest ½ day

Working in your home

Who am I allowing in my home? Appearance, identification, sloppiness, will they  care for furnishings, efficiency in work performed, clean-up requirements.

Business Approach

Multiple business lines, work out of home or car, high employee turnover

After the sale

Check received, no longer available or in business


Customer Development

Education, Consultative, needs/capability based, cost based pricing model, no pressure.

  • Our Solution staff has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you will install the right film in the right place based on the specifics needs of your home or office environmental situation and aesthetic requirements.

Appointment Setting

½ hour window, On-time arrival

  • 24 hr advance email reminder with “what to expect” appointment explanation

In home Experience

Clean groomed, Company marked work van, company logo attire, quiet/courteous, value understanding and care of furnishings/flooring, drop cloths, footwear, pre-caution with tools, equipment. No mess left behind, all furnishing replaced in original condition & location.

  • The Spectrum Installation team is dedicated to Spectrum Glass Coatings, manufacturer trained and keenly aware of the professionalism, cleanliness and care required working effectively in a commercial office setting and in residential homes.

Business Model

Singular focus, warehouse- office based, leading product manufacturers accredited

  • Fully insured- $4 million liability, Workers Comp.
  • Proven expertise in tenant communications/scheduling and staging of large, multi-story office building installations.

Current Customer Experience

Warranty, care instructions packet.

  • On-going Service/inquiry response